Privacy Policy

ThinkingStorm and its tutors are committed to ensuring the privacy and safety of all of our students. We will make every effort to ensure that your use on our site and in our classrooms is secure. All of your personal information on our site will be secured with private logins and passwords and SSL encryption technology. Activities in our online classrooms may be recorded and monitored for quality and safety purposes.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We want our students to have best experience possible and our tutors to provide outstanding instruction. In order to meet these goals, here are some of the things that your information will be used to:

  • Build student learning profiles so our tutors can understand the strengths and weakness, grade levels, and specific needs of our students.
  • Record tutoring sessions so that we can review them, share them with students upon request, and use them to improve our tutoring practices.
  • Respond to your customer service needs.
  • Complete your registration, review your account, and provide billing support.
  • Forward you information about our services.
  • Request your feedback so we can make your experience better.

We will NEVER:

  • Sell your personal information to anyone.
  • Send you newsletters or promotional mail or email if you ask us not to.

Our Tutors and Their Affiliates

Whether our tutors are full-time employees of ThinkingStorm, part-time contractors, or employees of our partner companies, you can trust that they will protect your privacy. All of our tutors sign agreements to protect your privacy and follow our Privacy and Safety Policy.

Control Your Personal Information

You can visit the Your Profile section of our website anytime to see personal information we have collected about you. You can change this information at any time. You can also tell us if you want to receive promotional information from us.

If you speak with us over the telephone, you can trust that our conversations will be private and privileged; we will only share this information with your expressed consent.

If you are under age 13, a law called the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) says that we must have a parents permission before we may collect and use your Personal Information. We will need this permission before we are able to create an account for you or provide you with any tutoring.

Note to parents of children under the age of 13: You are welcome to call us at (877) 889-5996 to review any identifiable information we have collected about your child. If you desire, you may request that we delete this information and/or specify that we collect no more of your child's information. Please note that we will need to verify the identity of anyone requesting information about a child to ensure that the person is in fact the child's parent or legal guardian, and that a request for us to delete all personal information about a child requires us to cancel the child's tutoring account.

We Share Your Personal Information With Those Who Pay For Your Account

If your parents and/or your school pay for/subsidize the cost of your tutoring, we may share your Personal Information with them at their request. This includes the content of your tutoring sessions (transcripts) and the written comments you leave in post-session surveys.

Note to students over the age of 18: By law, students over the age of 18 do not have to share any information with their parent(s)/guardian or school without authorization. However, ThinkingStorm will consider the use of our services as an authorization to release such information to the financier of the account. If students over the age of 18 would like to specifically deny ThinkingStorm this authorization, please contact our corporate office at (877)889-5996 to do so.

We May Share Your Personal Information For Safety Reasons

If we have any reason to believe that disclosing your Personal Identification is required by law, or is otherwise reasonable to protect someone from possible injury, we may do so.


Cookies are files that your Web browser puts on your computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to tell us how often you go to our site, and which pages you visit. The cookie itself does not have personal information in it, so no one except ThinkingStorm can identify you from this cookie.

Sometimes we use files from other companies (called third-party cookies) to help us see where people go on our website, to improve our services. Third-party cookies do not contain any personally identifying information, and the third party can not identify you or contact you.

Links to Other Sites

Sometimes, we link to other sites. ThinkingStorm does not make these sites, and cannot be held responsible for any content posted on other websites. However, we will only link to sites which, at the time the link is created, are appropriate to our students and relevant to our common goals.